Athletics Kenya Masters


Over the years, Kenya has gotten worldwide recognition for its athletic prowess by producing the best middle and long distance runners thanks to the founding fathers of track and field legends such as; Nyandika Maiyoro, Kanuti Sum, Kipketer Talam and Paul Boit who participated in the First African championships in Madagascar in 1948 and Empire Games in Vancouver Canada 1954.

Afterwards, Kenya continued to express its passion and commitment by competing in the World Masters Athletics Championships held in the coastal city of (Malaga) Spain, (Perth) Western Australia and (Rades)Tunisia.

In the spirit of competition, Kenya is gearing up to participate in forthcoming World Masters Athletics Championships scheduled to take place in the summer of 2020 in Toronto Canada, making it the fourth time Kenya will be making an appearance at the global stage.

Masters were formerly known as veterans since the formation of Masters Athletics by European former athletes in mid 70s; hence, Masters Athletics Championship was created for retired athletes from the age of 35 onwards for women and 40 years onwards for men.

On October 26 – November 6, 2016 at the World Masters Athletics Championship in Australia, Kenya scooped the first place position in the whole of Africa but was position 18 overall out of 100 nations that were present. Kenya won ten medals in which three were gold, four silver and three bronze medals.

In 2018, the Kenya Masters National Team went hunting for greatness once more at the World Masters Athletics Championship in Spain and managed to scoop position 11 out of the 70 countries that participated.

Athletics Kenya Masters Brief History Background

What is Athletics Kenya Masters (AKM?)

Athletics Kenya Masters is a national organization created solely for promoting sports participation for retired and veteran athletes to pursue active sports even after retirement. Our aim is to encourage, organize and manage athletics in 5-year age groups for Masters Athletes – men and women aged 35 years and over.


Athletics Kenya Masters is a sports event for veteran athletes that comprises of track and field, road running and cross country running. Men as old as 105 and women in their 100s can compete in running, jumping and throwing events.

World Masters Athletics (WMA) on the other hand, is the worldwide governing body for Masters Athletics. It provides a global standard of rules (based upon the international rules for the sport created by the IAAF) for athletes of a certain age. Each individual country governs its own affairs with an organizational governing body that is an affiliate to WMA. The WMA was previously called the World Association of Veteran Athletes.


World Masters Athletics Championships is the testament to the vision, passion and determination of many athletes whom continue athletics throughout their lives and demonstrates that age is no barrier in the quest of excellence, good sportsmanship and lasting friendships.

Kenya being a global powerhouse in athletics, Kenyan veterans will have the opportunity of extending the country’s dominance in this age group competition at the world level. Retired Kenyan athletes will be able to rekindle Kenya’s fond memories of their glorious days as active participants by attempting to rule the world at old age.

Kenya’s participation will be used to exhibit Kenya’s dominance in athletics from youth, junior, senior to veterans’ level.

Kenya’s participation will be able to brand and flaunt the country’s brand at the international level by the heroics of our World Conquerors as the seek to dominate the championships which will be viewed by millions of people worldwide.


The event will be televised worldwide and will receive wide coverage in all the modes of the media including electronic, print, social media and internet. The sponsorship of the athletes will give the corporate a platform of branding and selling its products. The sponsors will have a long term relationship with

Masters Athletics Kenya and veteran athletes.

Getting involved is part of promoting Kenya’s heritage by associating with Veterans who have brought glory to the country.


The sponsors will get brand visibility through the media coverage both locally and internationally. The sponsor will be appreciated for supporting the aged (Senior Citizens) as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) charity initiative


Sponsoring the team is enhancing and preserving Kenya’s heritage by appreciating the veterans who have otherwise been overlooked despite placing Kenya on the world map which will have the sponsor have a legacy of the institution’s involvement with Kenya’s sporting heroes.