Kenya to host 13th Edition Africa Masters Athletics Championship 2021

Date: Propose 22nd November to 27th November 2021 ,2021

Stadium : Nyayo National Stadium, Nairobi Kenya.

Participants : African & European Countries

Within the promotion of athletics masters, Kenya Masters Athletics has been chosen for the first time to host an edition of Africa Masters Athletics Championships. This Championships brings together athletes above age 35, who compete by different age categories in different races. The choice of Kenya was done during the 12th Africa Masters Athletics Championship in Tunisia (Rades Feb 2019)


African Masters Athletics (AFMA) Executive Council unanimously proposed Kenya to host the 13th Edition of African Masters Athletics Championship scheduled for 2021. This proposal was supported by WMA Executive present during the AFMA Championship in Rades Tunisia. The ministry of sports, the Kenya’s Masters Athletics and other stake holders will consult and come up with final decision on how Kenya shall prepare for this important event in athletics history.

Kenya has shown its passion and commitment by competing in the World Masters Athletics Championships held in the coastal city of Perth Western Australia, Malaga Spain and Rades in Tunisia North Africa. Two years ago, in Australia, Kenya participated for the first time with a national team at the world stage, proving herself to be a power house in athletics by grabbing ten medals; 3 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze.

Performance in Three Participated Events

In 2016 at Perth (Western Australia) during the WMA Outdoor Championships, Kenya was presented by 15 athletes and 5 officials. They won 3 Golds, 4 Silvers and 3 Bronze, a total of 10 medals and were 18th over 103 participated countries.
In Malaga Spain 2018, WMA Outdoor Championships, Kenya won 16 Golds, 5 Silvers and 5 Bronze medals, a total of 26 medals. Team Kenya was position 18 out of 108 countries.
Accommodation bills will be based on information (number of persons and details of arrival and departure) provided in the registration systems or sent via

Accommodation Fees can be settled by Bank Card during the online registration or in cash at the hotel.

Insurance and health coverage

Each participating athlete must purchase Insurance cover for himself and his accompaniments covering any illness or injury that may occur during the return trip and even during the championships.

The LOC is engaged with assuring participants during the championships. The LOC provides medical coverage through the presence of the physicians in the field during the competitions in hosted hostels.


All participants requiring a Visa must apply for an official invitation letter from the LOC and submit the Visa application in the Embassy of Kenya of any concerned country.

For any further information concerning the visa procedure, contact the LOC through this email


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