• Geoffrey Kipkorir Kirui wins the men's marathon athletics event at the 2017 IAAF World Championships London 2017


February 22, 2016

Kenya has been given the all-clear to host the 2017 IAAF under 18 championships. On a visit to the country, IAAF vice president and CAA president Kalkaba Malboum said he was convinced that Kenya is in a good position to host the event, allaying fears that the event could be relocated or cancelled altogether.



“We decided as a council to grant Kenya the event. There were concerns about security but I have met the Athletics Kenya President Jack Tuwei, CS Hassan Wario and the Local Organising Committee who have shown commitment towards the event,” said Kalkaba.



“There is no country that doesn’t have a security challenge, it is a global problem. When I go to Monaco for the meeting, I will convince my colleagues to keep the event in Kenya.



“I will explain the efforts being made by the government since we must support such strategies in order to reach our expectations. I will convince them that Kenya is ready.”



Kalkaba said the threat of Kenya being banned from the 2016 Rio Olympics doesn’t add up since doping in Kenya and Africa is not systematic.


“Africa doesn’t have a laboratory to make some of these substances,” said Kalkaba. “Africa doesn’t have the knowhow. Doping should not be a decision against a country but an individual athlete.”



He added: “Athletes found guilty should be sanctioned but there is no need to ban all, even the clean.”


Kalkaba congratulated Kenya for the top of the world status achieved at the 2015 IAAF World Championships in China, saying it is a victory for Africa.


“For the first time, an African country finished ahead of the United States of America and other top countries and I want to congratulate the Kenyan athletes and the leadership for this achievement,” said Kalkaba.



“We are very proud of this result and we must ensure we have strong events that will promote African athletes better.



“The IAAF is currently using our top athletes to market themselves and get a lot of sponsorships and we must have strong events too as a continent.” “We must develop our youth for the better of the continent. Our top athletes must be competing in our high profile events.”



“We are fighting for development in all sectors and are focused on having South Africa host the 2023 IAAF World Championships.”



Commenting on the suspension of Athletics Kenya vice president and IAAF Council member David Okeyo, Kalkaba said they are going to wait for due process to take its course since it is a matter being handled at the highest level, the IAAF Ethics Commission.



“We are going to respect the decision of the IAAF Ethics Commission and at the moment, we respect the suspension handed to Okeyo,” said Kalkaba. “However, there is no reason to replace him at the CAA Council. We are 21 and with his absence we are 20 and therefore we still have a quorum.”



“There is no population that is 100 percent clean,” said Kalkaba. “We must protect the clean but we will fight any wrongdoing by applying rules.”



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