• Geoffrey Kipkorir Kirui wins the men's marathon athletics event at the 2017 IAAF World Championships London 2017


November 12, 2016

After missing in action for three years, cross-country talent Japhet Korir bounced back into the winning streaks after clinching the 10 kilometres title during the 2nd Athletics Kenya cross country leg in Kilgoris over the weekend.


Korir, together with former Safaricom jack-pot winner Moses Mukono, reaffirmed their cross country running peculiarity with splendid victory as Kisii-based Winfrida Moseti beat strong opponents in then senior women race category.


Competing after several flops, Korir ran a tactical race to out-wit Mukono, completing the rough but flat course in 30:11.5, and announced his dream of returning to the global class by being in the national cross-country team this year.


“I have been out on injury. But I am happy to be back. I want to make the team to the World cross country this year and I believe I will make it God willing. It is possible,” said Korir who competed for  Kenya three years ago with tepid performance.


Mukono timed 30:18.1 to finish second after his 5th placing in Nairobi a week ago while Geoffrey Koech and Edwin Mukua completed third and fourth in 30:27.8 and 30:58.2 in that order.


In senior women, Moseti improved her cross-country rating with her victory achieved in 36:40.2 under scorching sun and dusty trails in the event held at Poroko High School while her opponents Caroline  Chepkemoi and Marathoner and 10,000metres specialist Joyce Chepkirui finished second and third for the podium seal in and 36:58.0 and 37:14.0.


Vincent Kipkorir and Immaculate Chepkirui won the junior 8 and 6 kilometres in 24:02.5 and 20:41.3 apart as the second of the eight editions ended in the South Rift town of Trans Mara sub-county.


Nyandarua Technical Training Institute in Nyahururu, Nyandarua County, will be hosting the 3rd and 1st Premium leg on this coming Saturday.


10Kilometres Senior Men-

1. Japhet Korir 30:11.5 (Sigowet)

2. Moses Mukono 30:18.1 (Rongai)

3. Geoffrey Koech 30:27.8 (Kericho)

4. Edwin Mukua 30:58.2 (Kisii)

5. Noah Kipkemboi 31:10.6 (Complete Sports)

6. Reuben Kemboi 31:41.5 (Kibabet)

7. Nehemiah Makori 32:26.3 (Kisii)

8. Robert Keter 33:10.2 (Bomet)

9. Daniel Manyara 33:25.5 (Keroka)

10. Bernard Rono 33:42.3 (Kericho)


Senior Women 10Kilometres

1. Winfridah Moset 36:40.2 (Kisii)

2. Caroline Chepkemoi 36:58.0 (Kericho)

3. Joyce Chepkirui 37:14.0 (Bomet)

4. Josephine Chelangat 37:25.4 (Kericho)

5. Judith Cherotich 38:02.0 (Kapsabet)

6. Norah Chebet 38:23.1 (Eldoret)

7. Nancy Chepkirui 38:29.0 (Bomet)


Junior men 8Kilometres

1. Vincent Kipkorir 24:02.5 (Silbwet)

2. Duncan Kiprotich 24:04.1 (Silbwet)

3. Edwin Koskei 24:05.2 (Kibajit)

4. Daniel Kipchumba 24:23.1 (Kaptagat)

5. Elijah Kositany 24:28.0 (Bomet)

6. George Achuka 24:29.4 (Keroka)

7. Mathew Kimeli 24:38.9 (Essport)

8. Name Missing 24:39.6

9. Name Missing 24:42.2

10. Mosonik Kibet 24.42.6 (Bomet)


Junior Women 6Kilometres

1. Emmaculate Chepkirui 20:41.3 (Kericho)

2. Miriam Cherop 20:45.1 (Marakwet)

3. Betty Chepkemoi 20:46.5 (Kapsabet)

4. Damaris Cheptoo 20:59.0 (Eldoret)

5. Irene Chepkemoi 21:32.2 (Bomet)

6. Celestine Chepkirui 21:32.4 (Kericho)

7. Joyce Chepkemoi 21:48.7 (Bomet)

8. Ednah Chepkemoi 22:10.6 (Trans Mara)

9. Faith Cherono 22:36.3 (Keringet)

10. Beatrice Becky 22:46.1 (Nyahururu).


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