May 30, 2017

Athletics Kenya is embarking on a massive anti-doping educational campaign to cushion athletes against doping in sports.


In the latest strategies, all senior athletes must under-go the training that is being organized by the Federation in conjunction with the Ant-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK).


The meeting is starting on May 31st and all invited athletes will be expected at Pearl Hotel in Eldoret starting at 0900hrs without failing.


During the Conference, all athletes present will be educated on the use of the ADAMS systems to enable them provide updated records of their whereabouts as required by the World Ant-Doping Agency (WADA).


This is another measure Athletics Kenya is undertaking to meet the International Association of Athletics Federation compliancy after it was put under IAAF watch list in 2016.


The country hope to get out of the watch-list and part of the requirement to be fulfilled is to organize an anti-doping education programe on elite athletes who are likely to represent the country in the IAAF World Championship and other International Competitions.


The ADAMS systems requires all top athletes to provide an update on where they are all times to avoid cases where they can get ban for missing tests or failing unknowingly to avail themselves for the same.


It will be a mandatory for all the invited athletes to attend the Wednesday meeting in Eldoret and those who will fail risk being barred from participating in the National Trial for the World Championships this year.


This is the latest measure by the federation to curb cheating in sport after the establishment of the Kenya Doctors Network (KDN) where all elite athletes are required to get clearance from sanctioned doctors before getting medication from their preferred physicians.


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