• Geoffrey Kipkorir Kirui wins the men's marathon athletics event at the 2017 IAAF World Championships London 2017


September 24, 2017

Although the dream of a new Marathon World record was not attained as hyped, the superiority with which Olympic champion Eliud Kipchoge won Berlin Marathon on Sunday elicited a lot of excitement in Kenya with Athletics Kenya saluting the victory.


And as writer William Shakespeare hypothesized as quoted, “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allow you to grow.”


Kenyans not only cheered but also stood with Kipchoge, now the undisputed King of the Long Distant event in the World, as hestretched himself to the limit aiming for a new record that was within reach.


The accolades on the social media and the eruptive ululations that awaited him as he hit the tape was a great inspiration to the athletics circle despite the elusive new world mark.


Kipchoge, who achieved a rare spectacle by inscribing 2:00.25 over the 42.195Kilometres in April this year, has exhibited an exceptional self will in his 15-year athletics career.


His Sunday performance alongside Gladys Cherono, threw the nation in a celebratory mood with both coaches and athletes strongly believing the record is for Kipchoge to break.


“Eliud (Kipchoge) has a very strong self-will. We like his determination and focus. Had it not been for the bad weather conditions, he was within the record up to 38kilometres. He will break it soon,” said Coach Richard Meto, one of his coaches.


Eldoret and Kaptagat where he lives and trains hailed the win with his training mate drawing great inspiration from the performance.


His win is as good as the setting the record. He has given us motivation as training mate and we look forward to more colourful performance before he retires,” said 2008 3,000metres Steeplechase Olympic champion Brimin Kipruto, a close associate of Kipchoge.


His 2:03.32 timing is far behind his London marathon clocking of 2:03.05 attained in April last year and his unofficial 2:00.25 he achieved while aiming at dipping below the 2 hour barrier.


Cherono lived to the expectations of many and her 2:20.23 was an indication that she was to better her 2:19.25 career best if the weather was favourable.


Selected Results:

  1. Kipchoge 2.03.32 (Kenya)


  1. Guye Adola 2.03.46 (Ethiopia)


  1. Mosimet Geremew 2.06.09 (Ethiopia)


  1. Felix Kandie 2.06.13 (Kenya)


  1. Vincent Kipruto 2.06.14 (Kenya)


  1. Yuta Shitara 2.09.03 (Japan)


  1. Hiroaki Sano 2.11.24 (Japan)


  1. Ryan Vail 2.12.41 (U.S)


  1. Liam Adams 2:12.52 (Australia)


  1. Jonathan Mellor 2:12.57 (Britain)




  1. Gladys Cherono 2.20.21 (Kenya)


  1. Aga Ruti 2.20.41 (Ethiopia)


  1. Valary Ayabei 2.20.53 (Kenya)


  1. Helen Tola 2:22.51 (Ethiopia)


  1. Anna Halner 2:28.32 (Germany)


  1. Catherine Bertone 2:28.34 (Italy)


  1. Sonia Samuels 2:29.34 (Britain)


  1. Azucena Diaz 2:30.31 (Spain)


  1. Catarina Ribeiro 2:33.13 (Portugal)


  1. Kim Dillen 2:33.24 (Netherlans)