Through the Athletics Kenya Masters, the federation provides retired or veteran athletes
to keep in touch with their competitive spirit through participation in various competitions
at the national and international levels. Athletes targeted in this category are those that
may have hanged their spikes or those simply in the older adult categories ranging from
the late 30s to as old as 90 years.
By participating in Masters competitions, these Kenyan athletes find ways of extending
their passion for the game even in retirement and to maintain a physically active life,
which results in better mental health and overall wellness.
Under the stewardship of the Masters sub-committee, AK have entered representatives
for various competitions in the world. Subsequently, Kenya has cemented its position as
a powerhouse in athletics, extending this dominance to the older adult category. For
example, the country was the best in Africa at the 2016 World Athletics Masters
Championships in Australia where it amassed 10 medals to sit 18 th on the final
At the next edition of the global contest in 2018 in Spain, Kenya was placed 11 th out of
70 countries.