The Athletics Integrity Unit represents a new era in the management of threats to the integrity of sport. Through the formation of the Athletics Integrity Unit, athletics has become the first sport internationally to delegate complete authority for the management of its integrity programs to an independent body. Fully separated from the IAAF, and reporting through its own Board, the Athletics Integrity Unit operates with the level of rigour and transparency expected by the world’s athletes and supporters.


AIU Activities


Implementing a world class and worldwide intelligence-based testing programme using state-of-the-art testing and analytical methods.

Intelligence / Investigations

Compiling and analysing data and intelligence to conduct investigations into violations of the Integrity Code in co-operation with partners and law enforcement.

Education / Prevention

Conducting bespoke education and prevention programmes for Athletes and Athlete Support Personnel.

Case Management

Timely prosecution of disciplinary cases involving international Athletes and Athlete Support Personnel and strict enforcement of the sanctions regime in the Integrity Code.


Strict monitoring of the compliance of Athletes, Athlete Support Personnel and Member Federations with their respective obligations under the Integrity Code.